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Important Reminders about Legally Permissible Uses from the FLCCE Golf Course Committee

Just a reminder: As we have previously shared with you, our Covenant documents permanently protect the golf course, around which our community is centered.

Under these documents, there are two legally permissible uses:

  1. Golf course

  2. Conservation Open Space

Pursuant to these Covenants, any alternative uses would require approval by 75% of our residents.

Exploring the two legally permissible uses:

  1. Golf Course Use

           -can persist under the current owner (who have indicated they wish to leave the business)

           -can persist under a new owner, either

   1) Purchase by golf course owner/operator, or

   2) Purchase by the FLCCE HOA via the community-initiated process of creating a Recreational District (RD) to                     become a taxing authority

  1. Conservation Uses

       -for conservation/preservation of natural resources or passive recreation

       -could be implemented by a new owner

       -could be private, or a private/public partnership

       -have potential to maintain resident open space views while preserving natural resources

       -could complement golf course use with the creation of a Recreational District


For more detailed/comprehensive information on each topic, please go to or paste this link in your browser:

As noted previously, we will continue to keep you informed. Regularly check the website for updates.

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