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Community Alert from the FLCCE HOA Golf Course Committee


Rumors regarding the possibility of building errant structures, such as multi-family dwellings or community swimming pools, etc. if the Palms golf course changes hands, are spreading.


For these to be sanctioned, you, the FLCCE residents, would have to approve a formal concept, with a 75% vote. To date, nothing has been presented to the Golf Course Committee (on behalf of the HOA Board), in any written plan.


Therefore, it is important for you to note the following:


  • Former HOA Boards have created legal, enforceable, Covenant documents designed to permanently protect the uses of the golf course, around which our community is centered. The current owners of the Palms Course, have agreed to, and signed these documents.


  • Your HOA Board has formed a Golf Course Committee (GCC) that has researched alternatives outlined within these legal documents. The GCC is committed to conveying accurate information to you via the website and the newly established Community Preservation Task Force.


  • In as much, we are asking you to volunteer for this essential group, designed to disseminate accurate information on behalf of the GCC, with neighbors in your unit.


*It is not designed to force any one option or deliver biased data.  


PLEASE GO TO FLCCE.COM for additional information AND SUBMIT YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS VIA EMAIL TO THE GOLF COURSE COMMITTEE, for consideration within this select group on or before January 16, 2021

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