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To all our neighbors who wish to reach us, please go through


Please put the name of the HOA Committee and/or Board member on the e-mail subject line of your request. Your request will be sent directly to the person to whom you are requesting feedback.


Thanks for checking your website! And as always, we’re glad you’re here!

HOA Board Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 6 pm. (no meetings during summer recess - July & August).


If you are interested in speaking or presenting to the board about an issue please send an email to one week in advance so we can add you to our agenda.

Home Owners Association

2024 BOARD

President - Mimi Steger
Vice President -
Dawn McCarthy-Hale

Secretary - Kristina Slovak

Treasurer - Scott Drabert

Director of Legal Archives - John Maxwell
Recorder - Celeste Dority
Caroline Bauer, Donna Hackney, BJ Mangrum, Jon McNutt, Neil McStravick

President Emeritus - Connie Neeley



Ambassador - Neil McStravick
Communications - Mimi Steger

Golf Course - Connie Neeley
Membership - Mimi Steger
Restriction Compliance - Scott Drabert
Yard of the Month - Donna Hackney

Governance - Connie Neeley

FLCCE Coffee Barista - BJ Mangrum

Area Enhancements/Yard Squad - Connie Neeley
Historical Marker - Bill Taft

To all who visit our HOA website, please remember we are volunteers who work hard to create the content, research the news and respond to your requests; all while keeping you informed of the FLCCE happenings. In return, we ask that you please be considerate of our time when asking for immediate responses. While we wish to be responsive, please note that repeated requests, with unreasonable timeframes, will not be accommodated. We hope you enjoy this site, as it is a joy to keep you informed of all the wonderful things going on in this unique Florida neighborhood.


All the Best, FLCCE Communications Team

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