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The Member+ option provides those residents who’ve requested an increase to our annual Membership rate the ability to do so while simultaneously building our reserves for protection.

  • For any residents who volunteer $125.00 or more, all additional money above the $100.00 base fee will go directly to the Covenant Defense Fund (CDF) (the Member+ option includes your regular membership)

  • The Member+ resident will receive a gold sticker for display as a visible symbol of our commitment to residents and non-residents who travel to and through our area.

2024 Member.png

Regular Member

The Regular membership rate of $100.00 is the qualifying amount to become a Member. With the Regular Membership, homeowners will also raise awareness of our area’s commitment to work together.

  • Residents pay $100.00 for a Regular Membership

  • The Regular Membership resident will receive a green sticker for display. Membership is essential and keeps our neighborhood functioning and thriving.

2024 FLCCE HOA Annual Meeting
January 13, 2024 - 10 a.m. - Southgate Center

Any FLCCE property Any FLCCE property owner may attend. However, to be eligible to vote or speak at the meeting, you must be a Member in Good Standing; (i.e., 2024 membership has been paid, with no outstanding deed restriction violations). If you are unable to attend and wish to place your vote by proxy, you may print the Proxy form below and mail it to FLCCE HOA, P.O. 25041, Sarasota, FL 34277-2041, or have a neighbor who plans to attend turn your proxy vote in on your behalf.

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