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                       Helpful Tips to make your Landscape Last




Spring is here and FLCCE residents are getting busy raking, mulching, trimming, planting and fertilizing.


This work matters! Do you know how important curb appeal is to the value of your property? 


But, after all that work, how do we make it last?  One answer is timing. There is a right time to plant, water and fertilize.


One of our knowledgeable residents in this area, has shared some great links to offer guidance as we all spruce up our lawns and shared with your HOA. 


Take a look below at a few that might help you. 




Since we live in a sensitive watershed, if you think you'll be fertilizing, be sure to do so prior to the June 1 deadline specified by the County's Fertilizer Ordinance. This link provides specific fertilizer guidance:


If you are looking for landscaping recommendations, check out the guidance and publications. available at these links:


Hope this helps!

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