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Created in the late sixties, Forest Lakes Country Club Estates has held a meaningful place in Sarasota for more than 50 years. The crown jewel of southcentral Sarasota, she is bordered by some of nature’s most diverse offerings and has, at her heart, a covenant-protected golf course.


From Philippi Creek to Legacy Trail, to Pinecraft Park, your access to beautiful places to take a stroll or simply enjoy the views, is exceptional. And, to host all of this natural beauty just west of I-75, makes us the envy of many.


As a result of this legacy, we have a responsibility to maintain her beauty. So, our membership is committed to doing just that. When you become a resident of the FLCCE HOA, you become part of the preservation of an important piece of Sarasota. One in existence before most of us made our homes here, and hopefully, one that will live long after we’re gone.


When we each maintain our own small piece of this area, we are working to promote the long- term existence of our beautiful area.


Thank you for helping us preserve this unique space.

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