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Dear Forest Lakes Neighbors,

As we near the end of the first quarter of 2022, we are reminded that it takes both volunteer resources as well as financial ones to maintain the quality of the beautiful area in which we live. And, of course, we still have 3 full seasons left this year.

While the Board is a volunteer organization, the services required to maintain the business of protecting FLCCE are not. Landscape maintenance, legal expenses, electric bills, printing, website support, etc. are not non-profit service providers. And their care and maintenance directly impact us all.

Renew My Membership

So, to answer the question “What does my $100 annual membership do for me and how is it spent?"  Look at a few areas below:

Communications with the residents

  • Did you know we are pursuing the update/beautification of our, nearly 60-year-old, neighborhood? It’s true, we have worked diligently for months on the pursuit of a neighborhood grant sponsored by the County. Fingers crossed that we will be one of the lucky chosen recipients. Stay tuned.

  • Our volunteer Yard Squad has been and will continue to be, very busy. Please sign up under the  link on the website for an opportunity to meet your neighbors and help with new plantings, painting, and other activities. We’ll need more active residents to volunteer if we do win the grant.

  • In addition, the Yard Squad has expanded its outreach to neighbors in need. If you know of a neighbor who is unable to get help with the exterior maintenance of their property, please let us know. And thank you to those residents who have already reached out to ask for help on behalf of their neighbors.

  • We have made great strides in reaching our residents to share everything that’s going on, via email. It saves us all significant dollars and is timelier in message delivery.

  • You may have seen your Block Captain recently. As she/he has been going door-to-door to inform you of the Community Topics of Interest events, get your signature of support for the County Grant application, and make sure you’re included on all of the news blasts regarding neighborhood activity.

  • You may have noticed the Facebook logo at the base of the website pages. Please look to Facebook for more localized interests-announcements and requests from your neighbors, as they are regularly seen there.

  • The Community Topics of Interest events have been restored in 2022. These 3 events for residents, in concert with South Gate HOA at the South Gate Center, speak to a variety of issues affecting our residents and were held in February, March, and the final one on April 26, 2022.

  • Website setup/support which allows communication continues to improve.

  • The online membership renewal button allows residents to avoid the process of print, postage, and hand-written checks if they choose. With the press of a button, we can become members-in-good standing and support our neighborhood

  • Our Communications Team makes sure all printed materials for occasional delivery to residents including door hangers, postcards, and other mail-outs, as well as all digital outreach reflect the FLCCE area identity.

County-wide Communications

  • Realtor's tab: We send quarterly eblasts to our realtor-friends, sharing our area activities and announcing our policy on Deed Restrictions, to those who sell and buy properties in our area.

  • Have you noticed the Thank you banners, which have graced our website? We have had generous neighbors who have offered their businesses and their dollars as donations to our area enhancement. These people are the ones who truly make a difference where we live.

  • While we continue to monitor the short-term rental violations, it is the County that must be vigilant in its enforcement. We will continue to alert and inform the County of all such area violations.

  • Partnering with our South Gate neighbors with the Community Topics of Interest

Annual Corporation Fee

Legal Fees/Vigilance re:

  • Monitoring the golf course activity to ensure a good neighbor relationship, remains in place

  • Deed restrictions to protect all property values

  • Short term rentals pursuit

  • County work

  • Annual accounting fees

Community Events

  • Annual meeting, special meetings, Yard of the Month, Holiday Lights Contest, children and family events

  • Landscape maintenance at entrances, and common areas

  • Updates to area enhancements - paint, cleaning, landscape


Electricity (Lights at 2 entrances)


Building our reserves to protect FLCCE and its residents’ property values from unexpected aggressors.

Renew My Membership

We’re glad you’re here. If you have yet to become a part of your neighborhood improvement become a member. Press the button and join now.

We are fortunate, as the number of Americans living in homes with HOAs is on the rise growing from a mere 1% in 1970 to 25% in 2018, according to the Foundation for Community Association Research. Simply put-- if there was no payback to our pocketbooks, HOAs would not increase.


  • Yard Squad has saved thousands of dollars in maintenance and possible legal fees

  • Postage and print costs for newsletters saved due to the website

  • Purchased our own domain name- saves the monthly expense

  • Increase communications with residents while converting to email, conserves volunteer hours and hundreds of dollars in postage and printing expenses

  • Donations button from residents and area retailers have provided for area enhancements

  • Added full deed restriction process to the website with an automatic button to register request or complaint instantly - no postage or printing necessary

All of this work is being done by your neighbors who volunteer their time, energy, and resources, to improve the area in which we live, as well as contribute to the increase in our property values. The above lists identify all that is done to protect our neighborhood for the nominal annual $100.00.

If you’re interested in serving on any committees, serving as block captain, or on the HOA Board; please email us at

We’d love to hear from you! And, as always, we’re glad you’re here!



*If you have yet to become a member. Please join now.

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